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WE’VE HELPED BUSINESSES THROUGH BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING THRIVE & HOPE YOU’LL BE NEXT! LOOKING ON HOW TO START A NEW BUSINESS OR LOOKING TO REBRAND AN EXISTING ONE? Over the past 12+ years we have made an impact in Brand Development and Design for businesses. With strategic partnerships, focused on our clients why Cordavii Consulting, LLC is a diverse supplier and business for small, medium and larger corporations with key offerings of Brand Development and Brand Design. Providing the best possible design and consulting solutions is our passion. Cordavii Brand Consulting aims to be a one-stop shop for business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ve mastered the art of helping you develop a polished, high-quality brand.  Identity to present your business to the world is important. Of course, it’s all about cohesiveness. From your logo to brand strategy to your website.  Even more, your overall business brand and marketing strategy is important. We are here to help. Bringing your creative vision for your business brand to life! Ever more, when Starting a new brand many entrepreneurs are busy.  Of course, tasked with many elements. Hiring, interviewing and negotiating prices for various services is tough.  We are here to help start and build their brand.


The #1 Goal of Cordavii Brand Consulting is to create one stop brand solution! Above all, we provide multiple services needed during the implementation of the brand. This brand strategy effort, gives entrepreneurs one point of contact for elements brand related. With this, Cordavii Brand Consulting was designed & manicured as brand strategy consulting firm. Furthermore, with the sole goal of assisting entrepreneurs and medium sized businesses with business startup strategy, creative branding and revitalization services.   We are here to help and most importantly listen. Learning your brand story is important! By doing so, we develop creative brand solutions to bring you growth and visibility in the marketplace.

Cordavii Brand Consulting Offerings and Process

Our Mission is Simple...

We provide brand consulting and creative design services to brands and companies to BUILD business concepts with strong BRAND intelligence to promote the BUSINESS of our strategic client partners (YOU).

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We develop BRANDS.

Have a business idea or new product?

The client or team has capital and an idea. When starting a new business brand you will deal with multiple contractors, consultants and companies to bring your new idea to life. The GOAL of Cordavii Brand Consulting is to provide a 1 Stop creative solution to manage it. Many of those design-oriented brand tasks are cultured though our process of Brand Development.

Professional Service Company Brand Design
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* Service only offered in the Twin Cities & Houston markets (Minnesota with Exit Realty Metro in Texas with EXIT Lone Star Realty). Third Party Real Estate Consultants retained in other locals. *

We understand Location, Location, LOCATION.

Looking for a new business home but not sure where to start?

When starting a new business transition is important! When looking to relocate, our commercial real estate consultants, real estate broker and real estate agent partners help assist. Locating, negotiating or selling commercial real estate properties that clients might need or have. Commercial Real Estate Services in Twin Cities and Houston Texas are provided by our affiliated real estate partners. Cordavii Team with Exit Realty Metro.

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We Design SPACES.

Looking to define a space? Not sure how your new office should layout?

We specialize in providing spatial layout services for residential, light commercial and industrial spaces as well as early design concepts for commercial and residential buildings. Additionally, with our architect partners, we can adjust our services to fit your architectural design project goals and needs.

Bar and Lounge Layout Design
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We get you ONLINE.

How to get your presence online? Be seen on mobile?

Cordavii Brand Consulting designs and develops custom and templated interactive and responsive SEO driven website designs. With a proposal and plan in place, we focus on implementing and turning a consistent U/X Design plan (User Experience Design) into a great branded website. The website strategy is focused on creating a great responsive experience for the end user established through well thought out U/I designs and ideas. As mobile viewing of websites has become a more standard way of viewing your business, we focus on not only responsive websites with heavy impactful graphics and images, we also focus on a strong SEO strategy to bring your business to the forefront of the end users search.

The Vaughn Real Estate Website design

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