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Our  Cordavii Brand Consulting Process is designed to utilize the very impactful story of “why” you started your brand coupled with the key partners who form your value proposition. When looking at solutions for your brand, we focus on a design, build and implementation strategy designed around our clients and their needs. When our client partners envision a new business, product or idea to revolutionize life as we know it we are there to guide the brand design elements of the new venture every step of the way. Once we have a chance to discuss solutions with our client partners in  an initial consultation meeting, we better learn their business brand and focus on the Clients intended goal.

the Cordavii Process



Unlike a snowflake, ideas are not as unique as we may think. But each person and group brings a very unique set of skills and history to each idea we bring that uniqueness to fruition. Our Process utilizes your why to bring impact to your idea.

Stage 1


Concept & Proposal

After learning and assessing your new idea, our  Brand Consulting Process allows for the ideation and design of a proposal to meet many of your market needs. This Brand Consulting Proposal gives you details on key ways in which Cordavii Brand Consulting can assist in your efforts.

View a Sample Cordavii Brand Consulting Proposal

Stage 2


Consulting & Design

Once the Cordavii Brand Consulting Proposal is signed off and expected, we use our key project guidelines and schedule to develop the brand and its integral elements.

Brand Design & Implementation

Stage 3


Product to Market

Once we have had a chance to test your new brand with its keystakeholders and clients, we are ready to launch. Rather we structure a big roll out or slow integration into the market  Cordavii Brand Consulting will be there with you through out the process. Keeping track of all key parameters to insure your brand launch is a success. 

Business & Brand Launch

Stage 4

Our Key Offers

Listen & Learn

The key to starting any project is our ability to listen and learn from our clients early experience and their outcomes. 


Analyze & Adapt

After learning about each brands unique “why”, we are able to analyze and adapt our client partners goals.


Design & Implement

The final stage is designing and implementing a chosen strategy to bring success to their business in the market.




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