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For this Project Cordavii Brand Consulting was hired to help CLW Enterprises create an interactive Shopify sells website and brand an already existing product and brand. Also functioning as a creative director, we assisted McDuffie creative with a short creative commercial.

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Created with love, this portable aftercare wipe is the perfect companion to have in your travel bag, gym bag or in the night stand.

It smells great, is soft and it’s large enough to freshen you up so that you can feel your best self in and out of the bedroom!

CLW Enterprises, Inc. is a startup company positioned to deliver innovative and exciting personal care products within the sexual wellness market. This market is large but often ignored and underserved by traditional personal care companies. This is especially true of niche communities including people of color and LGBTQ+. Existing products do a poor job of providing the benefits couples are looking for when it comes to pre-post intimacy. As a result, couples turn to poor substitutes (towels, baby wipes). CLW Enterprises was created to solve this problem by taking a new and bold approach to personal care products designed to serve the sexual wellness market. The Company has developed its first product, Tender Love & Care (TLC) Wipes. TLC Wipes are designed to enhance the intimate experience by providing a convenient, safe, healthy way to stay clean and fresh. TLC Wipes are formulated with natural ingredients and botanical extracts to be hypoallergenic and biodegradable while providing users a fresh fragrance and clean feel. TLC wipes are sized specifically for adults and come packaged in a box of 12, 1-wipe sachet packets for handy use.