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2019 Real Estate Marketing Strategies

As we start a New Year striving to improve or even double last years goals, goal setting is important for your success!

Keep them close this year! We recommend a journal, calendar or booklet to keep your goals close. Whether leaving this tool in your car, on your desk or in your bag to review daily. One of the best moves you could make in achieving your ultimate success for 2019 is taking the initiative to get started on your goals!

As we look forward to 2019 in an ever-changing market of interest rates, competition, new and changing laws, regulations, rules and restrictions; this powerful career we call Real Estate is filled with opportunity!

For a quick start to developing your response to 2019 here are some key initial strategies to help develop your plan for 2019.

Strategy #1

Become a Resource to Your Real Estate Farm or Community

Being “the”go-to expert of your neighborhood, community, homeowners association, condo or apartment building starts with developing a strategic plan for your farm. A place where you can authentically connect with past and future customers, showcase your expertise and become a trusted real estate industry resource.

The key word here is Resource!

Before you were licensed, you may have encountered various family members and friends who promoted their knowledge of Real Estate and how they could help with your buying or selling needs.

Local Coffee Shop Photo by Corey N Collins

As you think back on the agents you knew back then, who did you truly see as a resource? Who was the person who would give you unsolicited and unbiased information and advice on Real Estate?

Identifying the behaviors and characteristics of your previous real estate “Resources” is a good way to decide how you will look to connect and become that resource for others.

Whether, its an educational market update video series you place on Social Media, sponsoring a community event or hosting it yourself, the number one goal is to find a non-intrusive way to present your Real Estate expertise.

Strategy #2

Keep your Message and Marketing efforts Consistent

As you start building your expertise with your farm, be sure to keep your message & marketing efforts consistent.

Properly planning out your marketing efforts includes budgeting for your social media ad push or allocating budget dollars to send out consistent every day direct mail (EDDM) pieces if that is your goal. It can take up to four separate engagements with each individual client or lead for your name, logo or face to become familiar, so make it count!

Make sure you tailor your farm size (number of prospects), area (your ability to reach) and budget on the best chance you have to keep a consistent message.

Planning out specific times each week for the strategic planning, design and implementation of your strategy is key to your long-term success. As this new consistent habit forms, your engagement with your farm can begin to work like clock-work, one engagement at a time.

Strategy #3

Believe in The power of Authenticity in Marketing

Once you have your farm identified and developed a consistent method and schedule of approaching marketing efforts, focus on creating an authentic message!

The word “Authentic” is defined simply as original or genuine.

Sponsoring a 7am 5K run if you are a night owl might not be the best move in your marketing efforts. But if you consistently are up for your run before 6am each morning, then maybe it is. More frequently, we are seeing the trend of agents promoting their lifestyles as a brand via images on social media. As a result, the promotion and development of your authenticity with this lifestyle is key.

Tennis court

This development is driven through your consistent effort in promoting your business, brand and efforts! Being authentic is now a critical element for success in real estate and marketing is no different. Marketing to the locations, businesses, groups, organizations and even dog parks that you frequent is the number one step to creating that authentic brand and lifestyle and your potential clients will reward you for it.

Download Cordavii Brands Real Estate Marketing Calendar

As you plan your 2019 Real Estate Goals and look at developing yourself as a resource to others, we offer the link above as a catalyst for your efforts. With consistent effort using your authentic personal and real estate brand, we are sure you will see success now and in the years to come!

We have created a resource available here just for that, good luck and happy goal setting!


Mr. Corey Nicholas Collins

Founder of Cordavii Brand Consulting
Licensed Realtor ® since 2006
Designer, Creator, and Developer