Does your Brand Stick Out?

3 Key Elements you need to Brand your Business

When talking with many new and existing business owners as a brand consultant, I am always asked what are some key elements that are needed to properly brand my business? The answer, as simple as it may sound can be broken down into 3 key elements that are the mainstays and catalyst of any entrepreneur’s success. 

By focusing on these elements, we would hope to will (will1 /wil,wəl/ def 2. expressing inevitable events; def 6. expressing probability or expectation about something in the present.) any strategic brand to success and growth for the future.

Element #1 Your Brand Story

To begin the up and down joy that is business ownership, many people have decided to provide a solution to an annoying or joyous problem. As this passion for problem solving builds, many entrepreneurs start their initial concept or idea of a business out of some unique draw or burning solution that they have devised for this problem. Herein lies the truth and luckily their brand story.

What makes you so special to solve this problem or provide this service?

As Many of the greatest businesses and therefore “brands” have been started with solving a simple problem or finding 1,001 ways on how not to make a lightbulb, the hunt for your brand “why” is on. With this process of discovering your why and your experience comes your story. 

If you need help with this feel free to read this recommended Reading. Simon Sinek: Start with Why.  While this book is based on finding your personal why, some of the key elements discussed when applied to business formation are earth shattering. 

Simon Sinek Start with Why Book Cover recommendation by Cordavii Consulting

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."
- Simon Sinek

Even as an architectural designer, my enjoyment (personal) for adding on freelance graphic designer & photography was overwhelming. With this my story wasn’t much different after mastering very separate but relatable skills in unique areas of the design profession. In business school I finally had the aha moment of the reasons why my brand consulting niche, if pursued,  was a much-needed offering to the market.   This aha that I felt was backed up by a client’s hindsight of, “well if i knew you could have built it as well I’d rather have paid you.” in reference to a residential development project.  This aha moment led me to my brand story and my brand why:

"to provide a one stop shop to entrepreneurs providing (my unique value proposition coming) one consistent brand strategy & design from start to finish"

Now at-least 9 years removed from that project, I now know my unique brand story and why anyone should utilize and love my brand as much as I do.