vehicle car wrap design by cordavii brand consulting

Real Estate Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle vinyl wrap[1] describes the automotive aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, and sometimes the same color with a differing finish like a gloss, matte or clear protective layer. Other terms used to refer to vehicle vinyl wrap are car wrap, paint wrap, color change wrap, vehicle graphics, and paint protection film.


As Real Estate agents, Real Estate Brokers and even Insurance agents look to make an added splash with their potential clients, many have found vehicle wraps or car wraps as a great solution to maximize their needed investment for a quality vehicle to transport clients in with an option of protecting that vehicle and it’s original condition while promoting their business at the same time.

While the quality and price of vehicle car wraps have adjusted as the technology has gotten better and changed, you can expect to pay a full body car wrap pay a design fee of $200- 500 Dollars with an install fee from $2,500 and $5,000 respectively.  At Cordavii Brands we focus on partnering with your wrap fabricator and installer in providing great vehicle, truck and boat wrap designs.

vehicle car wrap design by cordavii brand consulting
vehicle car wrap design by cordavii brand consulting
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